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Family and Community: How Trails Help a WTA Volunteer Build Connections

Mar 22, 2022

WTA volunteer and member, Elizabeth Storm, shares how trail work on the Covel Creek trail connects her to childhood, family and community.

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Q&A With a GirlTrek Leader: Harriet Tubman, Walking and Community

Mar 04, 2022

On March 10, GirlTrek encourages folks to walk in honor of Harriet Tubman's 200th birthday. We talked with Trina Baker, a leader for GirlTrek and a member of WTA's board, about why this event is so important — and why she's so passionate about the power of walking and community.

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Expert Voices: 3 Ways Time Outside is Good for Your Mental Health

Feb 15, 2022

We talked with three of our partners, all mental health professionals, about the benefits they see when youth and families spend time outside.

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Leaving a Legacy for Trails

Jan 19, 2022

Jake Robinson’s family is honoring his memory and his love for trails by supporting WTA’s work.

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Search and Rescue’s Tips for Wet-Season Hiking

Dec 14, 2021

Here are a few scenarios you might encounter while hiking in the wet months — and how to avoid having to make that 911 call for search and rescue.

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Ask WTA: How do Sleeping Bag Ratings Work?

Nov 11, 2021

Few things are as comforting and important as a good sleeping bag when camping. But how are sleeping bags tested and what do temperature ratings really mean? Luckily Feathered Friends, a top manufacturer of down sleeping bags, is based right here in Washington, and they had some answers for us.

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Preserving Space for the Future at Cashmere Canyons

Oct 20, 2021

Two WTA members have helped create a preserve that allows hikers to explore 12 miles of trail in the Wenatchee Valley.

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This Summer Was WILD

Oct 04, 2021

InterImCDA’s WILD program, Wild Society and Wild Grief all took teens backpacking this summer (with gear from WTA's gear library). We ask them to reflect on the value of time spent in the “wild” for the youth they work with and some unexpected logistical challenges they encountered.

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Volunteer Profile: Jade Tabony — Data Scientist, Outdoor Adventurer & Cheez-It Enthusiast

Jul 08, 2021

We talk technology, slacklining and what it's like to give back to a cause you care about.

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Making Friends on Trail, Thanks to WTA

Jul 06, 2021

WTA members Judy Cochran and Pascale Lelong met for the first time on a WTA volunteer vacation back in 2015 — and they've been hiking together ever since.

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Volunteer Profile: Doris Wang

Jun 22, 2021

Doris is a well of positive energy. She came to WTA after a friend introduced her to trail work parties, and since then has brought her friends and her husband to trail work, and been a fantastic trail ambassador on social media. We asked her a few questions about why she likes volunteering and what keeps her engaged in WTA's community.

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Trip Reporter Q&A: The Joy of Hiking One Area Over and Over

Jun 11, 2021

Trip reporter Birb has hiked nearly all of the trails in the Issaquah Alps — and found beauty and peace along the way.

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5 Things I Learned After a Year Using Car Shares to Hike

May 10, 2021

Today is my one-year anniversary of the first hike I did using a carshare program. Hiking using car-share programs is totally doable, and depending on how often you hike (and other demands you may have to consider), using car shares may even be more cost-effective than owning. Here's what I've learned in a year of hiking sans car.

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Learning and Growing on WTA's Volunteer Vacations

Apr 14, 2021

We caught up with volunteers from years past to see how the skills they gained have helped them with new adventures.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Gabrielle Matheison

Apr 06, 2021

Volunteers are key for WTA, and we appreciate however people engage with WTA. Some folks like to stick to trail work, some stick to trip reports, some do both. While volunteering has been complicated by the pandemic, Gabrielle Matheisen, a trip reporter and trail crew volunteer, made it work.

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Thank You, WTA, From a Hiker

Mar 31, 2021

Binny Marwaha is a WTA member and an avid hiker and backpacker. We recently caught up with her to learn a bit about why she chooses to support WTA, and the impact of time outdoors. Here is a snippet of our conversation with her.

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UW's Nature and Health Group Talks Time Outside

Mar 22, 2021

What researchers are discovering about how and why being outside is so good for us.

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From Awe to Ah-Hah!: 4 Advocates Realize the Power of Their Voices for Trails

Mar 11, 2021

When did you realize that trails don’t just appear in the woods? Or that your favorite trail probably exists in part thanks to hikers like you? If you haven't had that "ah-hah!" moment yet, it's understandable. The path towards establishing and protecting trails is winding (much like those trails we love so much). But in the same way that you can lay the foundation for memorable summer adventures by tuning into permit season each year in February, hikers like you can help build a lifetime of adventure by consistently participating in advocacy work.

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Volunteer Crew Leaders Step Up to Help WTA and Each Other

Mar 09, 2021

In addition to WTA’s regular seasonal staff, 27 volunteers stepped up to lead trail work parties this past summer — making space for 2,200 more volunteers to engage in trail work.

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Hiking Alone in Winter, Finding Peace and Quiet on the Trail

Feb 19, 2021

Even those of us who relish this season can get mired in it, despairing that going outside will never be fun or easy again. In these doldrums of winter, one of the cures for finding joy is, counterintuitively, hiking alone.

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Finding a Little Bit of Balance in the Outdoors

Sep 28, 2020

For long-time WTA member Archana Bhat and her family, there’s no such thing as an uneventful backpacking trip.

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Reclaiming Joy in Unprecedented Times

Sep 14, 2020

By producing events that truly welcome everyone, Chevon Powell combines her love of nature and event planning to bring people together and create a powerful community.

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What to Expect at Mount Rainier This Summer: Q&A With Rainier's Superintendent

Jul 10, 2020

WTA staff recently sat down — over Zoom — with Chip Jenkins, superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park, to gain some behind the scenes insight on what we can expect at the park this year.

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Taking Hikes, Building Friendships

Jul 07, 2020

When she was brand-new to Washington, time on trails helped Kayla Nunez find her new community.

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Caring for Trails, Caring for People

Jun 29, 2020

It’s hard to imagine what WTA would look like without the McKibben family, and even harder to overstate Craig’s impact. From volunteering with our trail maintenance program, to serving as our board president, and even filling in as interim executive director.

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Talking About My Generation

Jun 11, 2020

Youth are a powerful force for trails.

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Staying Busy During Stay at Home

May 20, 2020

How some volunteers are staying busy without trail work parties on the calendar.

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Welcome, Jaime! In His New Leadership Role, He'll Help Build a Better Future for Trails

Jan 13, 2020

We are excited to welcome Jaime Loucky. WTA's new chief impact officer will help us explore new ways to keep trails safe and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

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The Path to Gratitude

Nov 27, 2019

Pause. Breathe. Remember what trails mean.

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Collin Tasaka, New OLT Instructor, Gets Youth Stoked to Go Outside

Oct 24, 2019

The newest member of WTA's Outdoor Leadership Training program is an enthusiastic advocate and role model for getting youth outside and on trail.

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