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Trip Report

Carne Mountain — Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013

Central Cascades
This is a Oh My God hike. When you reach the first basin at 3.0mi and 6000ft and see these gorgeous golden Larches its just incredible. Continue up thru the Larches and reach the saddle and from there the summit and spectacular views of the surrounding mountain tops. Be sure to bring hiking poles esp if you don't plan to bring any traction devices for the summit. I had my Yak Traks in my bag and within 10secs had traction as if there wasn't any snow. The first basin is a great location to have some lunch. The snow starts just a little before the basin but is just along the sides of the trail. Once you hit the basin and further its all snow and about 2 ft of it on the sides that haven't been trampled down. An autumn hike doesn't get any better than this. The summit is so worth so if you have some more energy in those legs I would highly recommend it. BTW,getting to this trail head isn't easy. The first 12mi is paved and the last 10mi to the trinity junction are gravel/dirt/holes and the last 2.6mi to the trail head are literally all potholes/trenches so be sure to be prepared for that. I cant imagine what that last 2.6mi could be like in mud/snow. Yikes. At this time of year, hunters are out in full force. Saw a lot of "Hunter group sites" past the paved road section and then close to dusk all along the roadsides. Wear bright orange hiking. Alot of hunters out on the main road