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Damon Point — Monday, Dec. 31, 2012

Southwest Washington
The snowy owls that hikers have photographed at Damon Point have tantalized me for the past year, and over the New Year's holiday I hiked out to see them twice. First at sunset on the 30th and then today with my owl-obsessed son as our First Hike of 2013. Much has been discussed in other Trip Reports, so I'll just chime in with my recommendations: DO dress very warmly. Hats, gloves, warmest coat. The spit between the mainland and Protection Island gets buffeted with strong gusty winds. My four year old was outside for about 5 minutes before she bailed and returned to the car. DO bring a tripod. Without it you will bring home many shaky owl photos. DO look carefully in the grassy area just north of the south beach (the area that opens to the ocean). We saw four atop driftwood logs today. DO keep your distance. Stay about 150 feet back, move slowly and don't linger too long. While snowies are not nocturnal, we don't want to stress them. DO bring binoculars so that you don't have to get too close to see how awesome they are. Enjoy!