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Blue heron

Blue heron gliding through Leque Island

Hiker Rally Day 2017

Some of the group of WTA advocates preparing for meetings with our senators and representatives on Hiker Rally Day in Olympia. Total gain: about eighty feet going up and down stairs, Total Well Being: five stars.


My partner knows I have a hard time passing up a nice set of roots, and a moss and rock combination even more so. This is a feature along the Fragrance Lake Trail in the Chuckanut Mountains. I knew it was coming up and I began extending the legs on the tripod as we approached the location. The subject is difficult to handle if the light is contrasty but today's light was soft and even.

Triple Creek Falls

This is one of those gems that does not come from a long hike in or a major, popular listing of great destinations for falls. It is the quiet experience of old growth, tangled brush and water falling on and around rocks that inspires you to see the forms, hear the sounds and smell the wood that surrounds you.

Sunrise from Heybrook Lookout

I made it to the top of the lookout just in time to see the sun rise between the mountain peaks. It was windy, cold, but magical. I will definitely be doing this one again.


Hiking down the steep rocky trail from Snow Lakes to Nada Lake in the Enchantments. A strenuous but beautiful hike!


We bushwacked to the top of Umtanum Ridge to catch one last glimpse of sunlight over the Yakima (in the distance) before returning to camp