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Trust only comes through time and patience.

Icey Heart

Ice heart formation at Little Larch Mountain in the Capitol Forest

A bald eagle lunch date

When rafting down the Skagit River in late December, we saw a bald eagle drag a salmon carcass to shore and then proceeded to have lunch.

Icicles along the North Cascade Highway

We reveled in the winter wonderland that is the North Cascade Highway recently by driving up to the Ross Lake gate closure. The momentous icicles snaking down the rock faces really caught my eye.

Cougar Canopy

Forest canopy after snowfall on Cougar Mountain, with partial fog conditions. Taken with a Nikon S8200, f/6.6, exposure 1/400 second.


This small lake/pond was almost completely frozen over.

The calm of winter

Lake Twenty Two blanketed in a few feet of fresh powder. Finding insane beauty doesn't require an epic journey, just a little bit of work and willingness.

Colechuck Lake

Beautiful and prestine lake located in the upper Alpine lakes that are part of the famous, Enchantments hike.

Heather Lake

A beautiful, clear day in Mt.Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest!