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Summer Hikes

Long days and less snow in the mountains: for some, summer is the best hiking season. With so many possible destinations, how do you pick where to go? Let us help. These features highlight some of Washington's best locations, and some you may not have heard of, but are definitely worth a visit.

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Hike Like a Pro 

Where to Pitch Your Tent | How to Keep Cool | How to Read a MapA Guide to Washington's Hiking Jargon

Hike the State

Get inspired for hiking this summer! Discover new-to-you hikes from around the state, hand-picked by the staff of Washington Trails Association.

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3-5 Day Backpacking Trips for Summer

These multi-day backpacking trips offer the best summer hiking has to offer in Washington. Plus, tips for planning more adventures.

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22 Short Summer Hikes with Giant Views

Find big summer views without putting in long miles.

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16 Hikes For Close-to-Town Vistas

Get high and get a good view close to town. Now add sparkles.

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Hike the Rainbow: Get a Flower Show on a Trail Near You

Washington is full of colorful wildflowers. Here's where you can find flowers of each color of the rainbow.

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Mount St. Helens Hikes

Mount St. Helens National Monument is a destination that has something for everyone - short hikes and excellent visitor centers for families, moderate hikes with grand views for day hikers, and extremely difficult terrain and true solitude for backcountry enthusiasts.

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Conditioning Hikes

Have some big adventures planned for summer? Get your body used to the demands of being on trail so you have a lot more fun and you feel more sure on your feet.

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21 Loop Hikes You Can Do in a Day

Everyone loves a loop hike—each new step leads to you to a new view, meadow, or forest. Luckily, Washington is brimming with loops to explore and we've compiled our favorites here

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Essential Washington: 20 Must-Do Hikes

Whether you've just moved to Washington state or you just want to show off Washington's stellar hiking trails to your out-of-state visitors, this list of hikes shows off some of Washington's best trail diversity.

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