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Summer Hikes

Long days and less snow in the mountains: for some, summer is the best hiking season. With so many possible destinations, how do you pick where to go? Let us help. These features highlight some of Washington's best locations, and some you may not have heard of, but are definitely worth a visit.

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Hike Like a Pro 

Where to Pitch Your Tent | How to Keep Cool | How to Read a MapA Guide to Washington's Hiking Jargon

Trails Shaped by Fire

After a wildfire, what's left is a changed landscape that can make for a fascinating hike. Bright purple fireweed contrasts with blackened trees, and morel mushrooms occasionally poke through the duff. New green growth pops against an arid environment, and a new landscape is born.

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10 Hikes in the Pasayten Wilderness

The vast and remote Pasayten Wilderness stretches across the northern border of our state and encompasses the east-west divide of the Cascades. As the largest Wilderness area in the state, it offers miles of expansive views, 150 peaks, and is home to a huge array of wildlife.

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Hike Washington's National Forests

Get to know the national forests in Washington.

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Wilderness Washington: Hike 12 Wilderness Areas

There's no better way to get to know some of Washington's 31 wilderness areas than to hike them. Eighty percent of Washington's wilderness is within 100 miles of major metropolitan areas, making our state's wilderness some of the most accessible in the nation.

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WTA's Dark Places Digest

WTA has collected some options for locations all over the state that allow you to see a shooting star without planning a backpacking trip.

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Half a Day or Farther Away: 11 Hikes for Summer

From shaded trails enshrouded in moss-covered trees to vast, rolling hills to rugged, ice-capped mountains, trails are everywhere. The kind of public lands that host these trails vary just as much as the landscapes themselves. Some of your favorite backyard hikes are on city and county lands, but some of those epic trips are served up on federal lands like national forests and parks.

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19 Hikes for Stretching Your Legs on Summer Road Trips

Skip the rest stops and instead opt for one of these easily-accessible roadside rambles the next time you’re touring the state.

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Fleeting Beauties: 10 Alpine Hikes for Wildflowers and Berries

Don't despair if you feel like you've missed the best of wildflower season. There are still plenty of late season flowers dotting alpine meadows, along with some early berries. Here's where to find both.

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The Best Hikes for Your Astrological Sign

If you're looking for hike inspiration based on an arbitrary set of characteristics determined by what time of year you were born, look no further.

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Hike Blue Lake (All of Them)

Blue Lake is perhaps the most eponymous name for a hike in Washington. With (at least) six of them scattered around the state, saying "I'm going to hike to Blue Lake" might be met with the question, "Which one?"

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Learn Your History: Layered Stories on Washington's Lands

Next time you go hiking, seek out histories of the trail you might have missed, and realize the complexity of history isn't in knowing the dates of important events, but it's how those events affected the people who weren't writing the history books.

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Explore the Goat Rocks Wilderness

Nestled between snow-capped Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, the Goat Rocks’ reputation for stunning scenery and relative proximity to population centers, such as Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon, draws more adventure-seekers every year.

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