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Green Mountain — Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017

North Cascades

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Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Trail in good condition


Road rough but passable


No bugs


Snow free

After being unable to make the trek to Green Mountain last year due to unfavorable weather, I knew I had to make it a priority for this year's Hike-A-Thon.  The weather yesterday was a little bit of everything while on the trail - cloudy, sunny, windy, raining (just a little), but the temperature was perfect for a climb like this.  Even though Glacier Peak stayed hidden all day, the clouds made for interesting skies and every-changing lighting for photos.

Getting there: Suiattle River Road has many potholes and lots of washboarding, making for a slow drive.  Forest Road 2680 is very rough, rocky, and narrow, making for an even slower drive.  There isn't a ton of parking at the trailhead, so try to visit mid-week if you can. 

On the trail:  The first section of trail through the forest is in great shape - no obstacles and gentle switchbacks.  However, after breaking out of the trees, the trail is getting seriously overgrown through the meadows.  Some of the vegetation was up to my shoulders.  It's easy enough to follow the trail, of course, but would be unpleasant if the brush was wet with condensation or rain.  After the tarns, the trail is really dusty and much steeper. Wildflowers are mostly done, but a few sections still have blooms. Berries are ripe, especially right before the tarns.  In some sections, the plants are already turning red and orange.