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Ira Spring Trail - Mason Lake

Snoqualmie Region

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WTA Member


Hiked Jul 24, 2011

Type of Hike

Day hike


Snowfields to cross - could be difficult
Hike to Mason Lake, Mt. Defiance, and the nearby lakes in the basin. Beautiful views, charming lakes, and lovely wildflowers. A few trail runners doing some mad distance runs. The trail to Mason Lake is in great shape, just some occassional mud/snow pits around the lake. Lots of folks headed there (and/or Bandera Mountain) but few (if any) folks beyond, especially the other nearby lakes. The trail to Mt. Defiance still has a lot of snow in spots, but was perfectly doable. I used an alternate route that was flagged at times (and other times lost it). Ran into someone (who said he rain into someone) who came through via Thompson Lake. The other nearby lakes are mostly snowfree, except for Island Lake. Trail can be hard to follow at times due to the snow.