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Volunteer Appreciation Party At Home

We've put together a collection of fun at-home activities and a 2020 Yearbook filled with volunteer highlights to help you celebrate no matter where you are.

To supplement our week of volunteer appreciation, we put together a few at-home activities and a 2020 Yearbook filled with volunteer highlights to help you celebrate no matter where you are.

At-home party kit

2020 Yearbook

Volunteers met every challenge this year threw at us with a positive attitude and creativity. That deserves to be remembered and celebrated! The 2020 Yearbook highlights some of these stories. Thank you for being there when the hiking community needed you most, and for making bragging about you so easy.


Play Bingo all week! Download our volunteer bingo sheet and mark each activity off as you complete them. The center square is a free space. Once you've complete a row (across, down, or diagonal) of listed activities, submit a copy of your completed bingo sheet to for a chance to win a raffle prize!

We'll take your completed sheets until Friday December 11. Winners will be notified on Tuesday December 15.

No printer? No problem. Photos of hand-drawn bingo sheets will be accepted. Just don't forget to yell BINGO really loudly as you hit send.

Coloring page

Coloring as stress-relief is having a moment in 2020. So, here's a coloring page! Print it out, grab some art supplies and de stress by daydreaming about future adventures. Send a photo or scan of your masterpiece to by Friday December 11 to be entered into a raffle! Winners will be notified on Tuesday December 15.

Participation is what counts, there are no art critics on staff. Although really great submissions may end up on our fridge.

Screenshot 2020-12-04 085115.jpg


Break out the popcorn and watch these videos illustrating how volunteers have stepped up in 2020. Watch how trip reporters and advocates supported the hiking community, youth ambassadors made an impact and trail maintenance volunteers kept themselves and hikers safe. Each video is only a minute long (so maybe a full bowl of popcorn isn't necessary).

Volunteer Stories

Did you know that we have a large collection of volunteer profiles, interviews, and accomplishment stories spanning the last 15 years? You can read these whenever you like, of course, but this week was a good time celebrate years of volunteer service by sharing the collection. It's constantly updated, too, so you might want to bookmark that page.